Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top of the World

So Exams are over

And I just Remembered my Password


Lets start Blogging

I skipped school for the last two days

To attend this Inspirational and Motivating

Peace Talk


Criminalise War

There were many speakers there

but let me name those

which caught my attention

First its

George Galloway

Charge me, then. Charge me with perjury. I'll fly out tomorrow if you lay out these charges, and I'll have my day in court. And I'll disprove them, categorically

Cynthia McKinney

This is a time for leadership and judgment that is not compromised in any fashion. This is a time for transparency and a thorough investigation

Michel Chossudovsky

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Sami Al' Hajj

Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind...War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today

Moazzam Begg

I understood why the Americans felt they needed to question me. But I've never understood how they could have detained me for years


Listening to their stories

really touched me

and really pushed me to make a difference

I really want to make a difference.

But you all know one person cant make a difference

But ill just take the first step

and hope you guys support them too

To Criminalise WAR





im sorry ill continue next time

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life.
Terry Pratchett

The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head.
Terry Pratchett,

A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.
Frank Howard Clark

Can miles truly separate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?
Richard Bach

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.
Charles M. Schulz

We can't plan life. All we can do is be available for it.
Lauryn Hill

Your life is what your thoughts make it.
Marcus Aurelius

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.
Francois Fenelon

If we don't end war, war will end us.
H. G. Wells

In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.

War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.
Thomas Mann

Failure is success if we learn from it.
Malcolm Forbes

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.
Bill Gates

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is what normally happens to me hahaha

Best solution haha kidding
Be back in a month =D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How come we dont say i love you till its to late

Hey guys
yesterday was an awesome day
Early morning i heared Kris's
Debut Single
Then after lunch
i got to study chemistry and actually got it
then went out for dinner hehehe
when i got back hahaha i talked to someone
actually three people hahaha
I dont have to say names they know who they are lol
then later that night i discovered this boy on youtube
he plays some wicked ass drums
and the amazing part is that his only 4 =.=
i know
but heres a video of him
So what'dya think awesome
oh oh Shit
I got addicted to blogging
It wont be long before
i update again
sooo chill ya its the hols
OH and and
Can check out more of him
I was her she was meWe were one we were freeAnd if there's somebody calling me onShe's the oneIf there's somebody calling me onShe's the one
We were young we were wrongWe were fine all alongIf there's somebody calling me onShe's the one
Shes the one-Robbie Williams

Monday, September 21, 2009

Live like were dying

Well some of you may know Kris Allen my favourite Idol
Just released his debut single
It AwesomePawsome
He sounds like Danny O'Donoghue
You dont know who that is
His the singer from the script =D
Well so Kris's new debut single
Is amazing lol hahaha
well he has been amazing since american idol =D
ill put both versions of the song on hehehe
but dayyum i dont have
The scripts version
So ill just put the link
Okay so this is Kris's Version
So whatdya think they sound the same
So you can buy it on itunes on friday
But you can ask me if you want it lol cause
I have it hehe
Lol i think thats all
Hehehe im going to have dinner with cousins
So ill blog about that if i Rajin lar
See Ya

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shes a genius

My girl's ready to take controlShe just blows my mindShe only listens to the radioTo see who's alive, yeah

She wakes up scared of getting oldShe don't feel no shameShe knows so many pretty boysAnd they are all the sameThey said, 'oh hey there girl tell me what do you do'She said, 'um nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you'

That girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh ohI think she's seriousWhoa oh oh oh oh oh oh

If what you know is who you areThen she's everythingYou don't need an educationTo know what class that you're inThey said 'hey there girl tell me what do you do'She said 'nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you'

That girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh ohI think she's seriousWhoa oh oh oh oh oh

That girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh ohI think she's seriousWhoa oh oh oh oh oh oh

She said hey there boyCome on over and sitLove is when you wanna kissAnd you get bit

That girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh ohI think she's seriousWhoa oh oh oh oh oh

That girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh ohI think she's seriousWhoa oh oh oh oh oh

That girl's a geniusThat girl's a geniusThat girl's a geniusWhoa oh oh oh oh oh oh


they are so awesome lar wei

Love them Might be a making a video of this


With Some friends
Heheh just chill ya =D
For now Achap

Just My Luck =D

Hey Guys lol i was asked to make my own blog quite a few times...
soo i decided to do it today since i got my new comp
Here are some pictures of it hahah
(oh plus the one up there)

The world would be a lonely place
Without the one that puts a smile on your face
So hold me 'til the sun burns out
I won't be lonely when I'm down

'Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour seems much longer

Ive got you by Mcfly =D

well i wanna blog about my bday and raya but i aint got no pictures now so maybe another day??

Hot Attics has a new video
Heres the Link

Oh and dont forget to be a Fan
Well thats all for now